CV @ 2015



Personal data

Michele Miegge, alias Bibo,

Nationality: Italy

Gender: M

Born: Rome in 01 12 1970

Height 170, slim

Permanent address: Via erbe 35, 44100 Ferrara Italy

Tel. 0039 0532 210020

Mobile 0039 347 05 68 060

E-mail :

Skipe: michelebibo



Professional Architect: with experience in restoration, interior design, art direction (scenography), landscape and garden design. Special interest for rural and mountain areas, traditional techniques and composition.

Heritage Conservation and Tourism

Experience in international projects working on the link between tourism development and cultural heritage conservation in developing countries, studying how tourism and heritage conservation can become tools for economic development.

Experience in local field assessments and feasibility studies for projects development. Experience in evaluation of ongoing projects.

Specialized in mountain areas and remote environment in Asia

Exploration/Land sourcing/Outdoor/Travel

Traveller, Experienced trekker/mountaineer/broad outdoor activities in remote areas

Skills for Land sourcing / field exploration in general and report activity: surveys for projects development/feasibility studies/resources evaluation/data collection on field. Resource scouting. Location scouting for movies.


Racing sail boat construction/preparation. Skipper


Photographer, with experience in documentation, photographic architectural surveys and travel photography.

Freelance video maker, realized documentaries on social issues, and tourism.


Objects designer, craftsman, special skills for handiwork in general, personal research about repaired objects and repaired objects making


2015 06 paragliding/delta scool

2015 Winter Trimaran Development Project in Se Asia: Philippines, Australia, Thailand, China: yards and resources survey

2015 01 Course in land grabbing c/o Shue Moung Thang hotel informal university Dawey Burma teachers: miscellaneous international businessman

2015 01 logo design for dawey star disco

2015 01 south burma, Land sourcing, by scooter

2014 12 Phuket skippering

2014 09>11 mountain house restauration italian alps

2014 09>11 Sailboat pogo 12.50 purchase upgrade and sale, Morbihan France

2014 07>11 Sailboat pogo 10.50 purchase fixing and sale, Morocco, Spain Baleares

2014 06 wooden sail boat restauration management, san remo

Conservation/International Cooperation

2009-11 China, Nw Yunnan, real estate conservation and development projects in tourism developing areas

Private entrepreneur/partnership with other developers

2007 ISES Guizhou Sustainable Tourism Development Consultant

2007-8 China, production of technical-educational booklet about heritage conservation and tourism

development in Yunnan’s Tibetan traditional villages Author text photo drawings

2007 China/North West Yunnan “Eco-Cultural Tourism and Village Livelihood in North West Yunnan”

Field survey for project proposal implementation in Yunnan’s Tibetan area Project Manager.

2006 China/ North West Yunnan “Eco-cultural tourism and village livelihood in North West Yunnan” preliminary field survey for project proposal implementation in Yunnan’s Tibetan area Field explorer, reporter,

survey group coordination.

2003 Nepal “UNESCO-IUAV Joint mission “Kathmandu Valley WHS 2003” Reporter, Mission coordination on the field,

Photographic architectural surveys, workshop organization.

2000 Nepal UNESCO “Patan Heritage Tour” Project Volunteer architect, Photographic surveys info design

2000 Nepal Project proposal for alighting system for Paten Durbar square, Photographic surveys


Architecture and Design Italy

2012 villa garden design Marche. Designer. Countryhouse restauration

2010-12 travel gear design and craft, Designer, Craftsman

2011 villa restoration Rome. Chief architect, workshop direction

2009 600 kW photovoltaic plant design and authorization process. Manager/designer

2008-9 restoration of an ancient stone and wood building in a rural area of the Alps in Northern Italy, designer

2005-8 “Etno-cultural-local history Museum” Provincial Administration Ferrara Italy Chief architect

2003 fiberglass, colored glass and wrought iron window, handmade object for Melià Hotel Costa Smeralda, design and realization

2003 commercial center maquette realized in lead, for Giulio Navarra foundation Ferrara, craftsman

2002 design and prototype for modular system for a theatre stage complex for Ferrara-Fiery Comune di Ferrara

2002 working on the design of “repaired objects”, designer

2002 museum maquette, craftsman

2001 design and implementation of photographic exhibition scenography, for the association Cento Ore per La vita, Rome, design, and workshop direction

2001 design of “condom card”, Condom folder, for VIBRAM S.p.a. patented object produced in series and presented at “Salone del Mobile, Rassegna Fuorisalone” Milan April, designer with matteo Dambros

2000 information posters about building bylaws in World Heritage Sites Kathmandu, info designer, with Patan Tourism Development Organization, info design

1999 International workshop and project layout on landscape design in Cilento National Park, Naples, Italy. Professors: Christophe Girt Rosa Barba Paul van Beek, Project layout in partnership with prof. I. Pizzetti and M. Cunico. design group

1999 restoration of an ancient stone and wood building in a rural area of the Alps in Northern Italy, Designer

1998 restoration project for an ancient stone and wood building in a rural area of the Alps in Northern Italy, designer

Photography: works, researches and exhibitions

2006 photographic documentation of historical heritage, comune di Ostellato, Ferrara

2000-11 collection of material about repaired manufacts in Asia. Forms created by daily minimal spontaneous attempts to repair, maintain and improve buildings and things. Repairing and reshaping of things by occasional tools and poor and recycled materials. Particular attention is paid to the production of hybrids, through the contamination of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques and the mixing of components from different contexts. The world here described is one that improvises, makes ends meet, invents solutions as it goes along. Everyday, spontaneous solutions are portrayed, where the scarcity of resources suggests the creative use of the little which is available with no waste and instant responses. The result is a creative work in progress.

2003 UNESCO mission to the Kathmandu valley WHS 2003 photographic survey, state of conservation of all the building of the Bhaktapur and Pashupatinat world heritage zones

2000 streetscape architectural photographic survey of a Street in Kathmandu

2000 survey on spontaneous lighting systems in Kathmandu

2000 survey on city heritage state of conservation, Patan, Nepal:

1999 spot proposal for IKEA

1999 survey on spontaneous urban writings about the garbage management problem in Venice

1997 The use of lights in the re destination of a dismissed tunnel in Milan central railway station

1995 Variations on a theme: a window in Venice lights and shadows.

1994-00 Expressive aspects of temporary restoration structures

1994 Venice lights by night

1990 Personal exhibition Art Gallery, Venice

1987 Group exhibition “Busker festival photo competition” Ferrara Municipality

1986 Group exhibition “Young photographers” Ferrara Young Artist Commission

Main travels photo collections

2013 Burma-China 2012, Dolpo, 2009 mustang, 2006 Yunnan, 2005-2012 china, 2003 Nepal, 2001 India, 2000 Nepal, 1999 Vietnam, 1998 Sicily, 1997 Portugal, 1994 Spain


2011 “Arrangiamenti”, Marg, Tata foundation, march 2011

2008 “The Tibetan Village of North West Yunnan, a basic grammar of local authenticity “, Urban Flux, December 2008-january

2008 “The Tibetan Village of North West Yunnan, a basic grammar of local authenticity “, China Tibetology, October, 2008

2007 Autori vari, Il Museo del Territorio di Ostellato, Linea Edizioni, 2007, Ferrara

2004 Photos in: Technical workshop for the conservation of the Katmandu valley world heritage property in danger, Kathmandu, Nepal, 3-7 May 2004, UNESCO WHC, October 2004

2004 Fontanari, Gianighian, Miegge, “Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site in the List in Danger, Bhaktapur and Pashupatinat monument zones: inventory of recent constructions and demolitions, evaluation of the impact of economic and development pressures on the traditional urban fabric”, UNESCO WHC, Paris, march 2004

2001 published project: “Michele Miegge, progetto” in: AAVV “lavorare sui bordi, paesaggi di margine nella laguna di Venezia”, Dicomedizioni, 2001 Monfalcone

2000 Michele Miegge, “Developing Structures”, in Ananke, 2001 n°31, pgs. 90-95


2007 “Miao traditional house, suggestions for conservation”. Guizhou Center for Tourism Research & Public Outreach

2007 “presentation of local history museum, Ostellato”, Comune di Ferrara

2004 “repaired manufacts and objects, the case of Nepal” Tsinghua University Beijing, Sino Italian workshop for conservation

2003 “preliminary results of the IUAV-UNESCO survey” Lalitpur college of engineering, Nepal.

2000-3 “Heritage Conservation in Kathmandu Valley”, “Developing Structures”, “Arrangement” university lectures in the master school for Developing Countries, Director Marcello Balbo. Course on “heritage Conservation in developing countries”, Prof. Giorgio Gianighian.

2000 UNESCO Culture Heritage Management & Tourism Workshop for the enhancement of stakeholder cooperation in Asia and The Pacific, Bhaktapur, Nepal. Participant.


Most of the research and work deals with hybrids and repaired objects. Repairing and reshaping of things by occasional tools and poor and recycled materials damaged design objects or natural materials whose formal unity has been compromised are reshaped with invasive interventions to create objects, design and jeweler.

2000> collecting and fixing broken objects

2003 “repaired” objects and jewelry design, in cooperation with Paten handicrafts, Nepal.

2003 “repaired stones” exhibition at Pinto Arte Melià Poltuquatu

Handiworks skills

Grown up in a workshop/living/bedroom, building airplane and boat models, since young developed craft and handiworks skills and a special attitude in fixing everything. All round basic knowledge in the main technical fields and in the use of main materials and techniques. Skills range from building construction techniques/maintenance, to mechanic, mechanism management and any kind of vehicle management. Boat construction techniques, rope works, and knots. Woodwork, stonework, basic jewelry (silver works, carved wax) wrought iron, copper and brass works. Particular abilities for maquette and models making. Gaffer skills in movie production.

Trekking, exploring, mountaineering

Expert trekker with experience in difficult mountain areas and remote areas. Able to operate in any situation/any conditions.

Usually treks solo in remote areas with no guide, porters or external support.

Experience in trekking in closed/forbidden/border areas without relying on permits or guides.

Skills for field exploration in general. Skilled for survey/local field assessments and feasibility studies for projects development. Evaluation of local resources and development potential/conservation projects resource hunting/geographical resource surveys/ business scouting/business opportunity. Suitable for operating with teams in business scouting/hunting, business opportunity reserch/resource hunting. Location scouting for movies.

Main treks

2015 Aba sichuan

2013 Sierra de Tramuntana Palma

2012 Western Nepal: Mugu-Dolpo-Jomson trough the high passes, 40 days, solo

2012 Thailand, trail running

2011 Nar Phu area Nepal

2011 Everest area Nepal, solo/trail running

2010 Animacin area/kora: Sichuan China

2009 Mustang Nepal, Solo fast/light trek, solo, arrested

2011 Lijiang area China, several treks, solo

2006-8 Dequin-Kawagebo area China-Tibet, several treks and field exploration

2004-10 Shangrila-Yadin massiff-Lugu lake area Yunnan/Sichuan borders china, several treks and field exploration, solo

2010 Kawagebo Kora Yunnan/Tibet borders, solo, fast/light trek

2003-11 Annapurna area, several treks

flight glider licence in 1988, actually learning delta and paraglider

mountaineering Since young, broad experience in trekking and mountaineering in Italy, Corse, Sardinia, France. Experience in alpinism in general: climbing, peak climbing, canyoning, orientiring, survival.

snow good and broad experience in ski alpinism, ski, snowboard.

mountain bike good experience

kayak sea and whitewater skills: tour of Corse, and other sea kayak/camping experience in Italy and Croatia. whitewater experience 1-5 grade

rafting good experience

windsurf basic experience

boat/racing sail boat construction, restoration, preparation

Since 2005 personally involved in the complete refitting of a mini 6.50 ocean racing prototype acquiring a general and deep experience in race sailing prototype preparation management/all steps from the yard to race. Since 2005 to Present Work experience in different yards. Racing boat internal and external organization, interior design. Skills in all main techniques involved in composite boat construction. Previous design experience from other fields was used to handcraft all the functional custom parts and objects of the boat. Carbon fiber, epoxy works, glass fiber works, wooden and metal works, ropes and deck.

2014 09>11 Sailboat pogo 12.50 purchase upgrade and sale, Morbihan France

2014 07>11 Sailboat pogo 10.50 purchase fixing and sale, Morocco, Spain Baleares

2014 06 wooden sail boat restauration management, san remo

2009-2012 races preparation, mini transat, Dakar Gadalupe record attempt

2009 full construction of carbon proto mini 6.50 756.

2009 Transat 6.50 la Rochelle-baia shore team, golden apple 507

2009 various works on 156


God experience in sail and any kind of boat conduction

Italian sailing license: open sea

Isaf certificate safety emergency and survival at sea, Vhf license

main sailing experience

2015 Trimaran Races Australia, Wilparina, Gp 6,50 …

2013 Gran Prix Italia 515 Yak 500 mg in double mini 6.50 class, co skipper 15st classified

2012 Gran Prix Italia 342 Fontanot 500 mg in double mini 6.50 class, co skipper 1st classified

2012 Charter Greece skipper, mondovela and private boats

2011 Giraglia+Swan Cup Elba Swan 65, crew

2011 Gran Prix Italia 342 Fontanot 500 mg in double mini 6.50 class, co skipper

2011 Arcipelago race mini 6.50 class, co skipper

2009 Charter Greece Croatia, Lagoon 40, Baltic 50, skipper

2009 Course de Lion 500mg coskipper

2009 Fastnet Race, 507 Golden Apple mini 6.50 class, co skipper

2009 GPI 156 mini 6.50 class, co skipper

2009 Course de Lion 756 mini 6.50 class, co skipper

2008 Festival Dos Oceanos 507 700nm double mini 6.50 class, co skipper 3°classified

2008 Marseille Algeri Cup 507 mini 6.50 class, co skipper 7th classified, 2nd second leg

2008 Solo Sanremo 156 mini 6.50 class, skipper

2008 GPI 156 500 mg in double mini 6.50 class, skipper 5°first leg, nd,

2006 Mini Max, 355, 500 mg in double mini 6.50 class, co skipper


Independent experienced traveller. Since the beginning of the century. I have no fixed address. Traveling mainly in Asia and Europe with a 12kg backpack. From 2007 mainly in China/Yunnan.

Main travels

2015 … see top page

2012 Thailand-Burma-China

2011 Laos: riverboat

2010 China: Changan minivan. The cheapest car in china was fixed up as a surfer minivan with a small kitchen, two person travelled through Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinxiang and way back on dirty and muddy 4x4 roads, mountains, deserts and monks.

2000 Thailand: 100 cc scooter

2001 India: Enfield motorbike Deli, Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali, Spiti, Rajasthan

2000 Vietnam: 100 cc scooter

1994 Spain: 50cc scooter Barcelona –Siviglia

1989 Italy-Berlin: hitchhiking

films videos and radio

2012 Dolpo, interwiew, broadcasted on Radio 3 italian national network

2012 Road to shangrila Michele Miegge, Chiara d’Ambros, radio documentary, Radio 3 italian national network

2003 “Road to shangrila, ruff cut” a travel documentary with Giacomo De Stefano. The project focuses on sustainable tourism and risks for mountain heritage conservation, in Yunnan China, freelance proposal for TV, mini dv, director, editor

2003 “documentation of stolen marble pavings in Venice”, freelance production, mini dv, cameraman

2002 “Concorso di colpa” producer anguillAMetrica architects, presented at “behion the media, architecture and video” film festival, Florence, Beta, director

2001 “Hoover”, Director Daniel Mittlepunkt, production London International Film school. 16Mm, photography assistant, gaffer

2001 “outsidein”, director Alessandro Pepe producer London International Film School presented at British Film Institute. 16mm, selected as “best school video of the year”, director of photography

1998 “Alla Scoperta dell’Acqua Calda” Admitted to the Bellaria Film Festival Italy, Beta. Presented at VeneziAchi rassegna di produzioni indipendenti giugno 1999 Videoteca Pasinetti, Venice Film Festival. Director, editor

1994 “Plato’s Cave” directed by Giuseppe Gandini, Winner of the italian prize “Nastro d’argento”. 16Mm. Scene photographer.

1994 “The Devil” by Anna De Manincor DAMS Bologna. Beta. Photography director

1989 “Per noia o per Amore” by Giuseppe Gandini FEDIC, Ferrara Italy,. Admitted to the Bellaria Film Festival Italy. 16mm. Photography director


2011-12 experience in paragliding-hang gliding

1996-98 glider pilot license

Teaching/Training skills /etc.:

Experience in teaching and coordination of student groups for field research in developing countries and remote areas

Sail school teaching

School curriculum/courses

2015 ongoing flight school

2013 ISAF survival at sea

2012 Sail regatta strategy and routing

2000 Master degree Dissertation on “Tourism and Conservation in Developing Countries the Patan’s case study, Nepal”. With UNESCO, GTZ-Udle, local Ngo and authorities. Prof.V. Sestini, University of Florence Italy Prof. M.Balbo , Prof. Giorgio Gianighian Venice University, Graduate School for Developing Countries.

Degree at the Institute of Architecture Venice University (IUAV). With a design specialization focused on the relationship between new interventions and traditional architecture in a historical context. Socio-political and economic aspects of city management. Urban management in developing countries. Heritage conservation in Developing Countries. Graphic communication, info design, Photography. Garden design and restoration. History.

Main Professors: U. Tubini, A Rudi, G. De Carlo , M.Balbo, I.Zannier, B.Secchi, G. Longhi, S.Polano, M. Cunico, I. Pizzetti, G. Gianighian, V.Sestini.

1997 The cinema and the city workshop zenobio institue. laboratory for the new urban landscape venice. Lecturer Pellegrino d’Acierno

1996 “The Frame”, lessons on cinema techniques and theory. Biennale of Venice Cinema

1990-91 Art School , Painting course, Ferrara, Italy Director P.Bonora.

1990 sail license

1987 glider license

1985-89 High School diploma. Technical Industrial Institute

Spoken languages:

Italian (mother language), English (good level), French (medium) Spanish (low) Chinese (very basic/minimal).